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Mrs. Becky Dunn
Brookville Elementary Art Teacher
Grades 1-4
Bachelor of Science in Education- Younstown State University
Master of Science in Education and Allied Professions- University of Dayton
(937) 833-6796 x1300



My name is Mrs. Becky Dunn and I am the elementary art teacher at Brookville Schools.   We are so fortunate to have elementary through high school art at Brookville.  Art plays a key role in developing the right side of the brain, or the creative side.  Creativity should be fostered and encouraged throughout the developmental years.  Also, in preparing students for the future, it is probable they will be required to take a fine arts class in college.  The fine arts education received will prepare students for the future.

  In addition to developing the right side of the brain, the visual arts develop fine motor skills.  These fine motor skills are develop every day in art while children are working on two dimensional or three dimensional art work. Unlike other subject areas, the art work goes from an idea to reality. This development creates a spatial sense which will be used throughout a life time.  For example, spatial intelligence is used when decorating a cake or if you are a machinist. 

   Other jobs in which the visual arts are used are interior decorating, cartooning, painting, sculpting or a media specialist, graphic artist, ceramicist, architect, landscape artist, brick layer, and art historian.  That is only a few of the professions that art plays a role in, there are many more.

   Another area that art plays a role in is the introduction to different cultures or ways of life.  As the United States becomes more diverse in culture it is an advantage to know more about different cultures and ways of life.  The visual arts expose children to different parts of the world with different ideas and visual imagery.

   Lastly, the process of creating art is important.  Unlike other subjects that require a correct answer, the arts can have more than one answer.  This is a creative response that requires different types of thinking.  Maybe there could be multiple ways of constructing a sculpture or painting a picture.  Every child is different in the way he thinks or sees the world.  Art is an expression of that child's life or way of life.  This is why I love teaching and hope that art continues to be an important part of developing the child's future.

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